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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


The Art of Management

We found that many of the executives we meet are hidden artists
We asked them to present their artistic work and write a short description about how they see management and art as coralred themes


Sachi Gerlitz

shaky Executive Chairman, Ness Technologies

The Relationship between Creativity and Management

In my worldview competition is everything.

It shapes the landscape in which individuals, firms and organizations operate in their attempt to differentiate themselves from others and be the first to cross the finishing line.

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Dr. Arye Karmon

arikPresident, The Israeli Democracy Institute

Connecting Disparate Worlds

I am a mission driven person.
My career focuses on enhancing the vision of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI): Act through research, dialogue and public entrepreneurship, substantiate an exemplary democracy in Israel.

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Ika Abravanel

ikaGroup EVP, Human Resources & Chief Integration Officer, Teva

Painting is a kind of meditation. It comes from a very pure, authentic and sometimes hidden and incomprehensible place.

You usually start when you have some kind of an idea. There is even a dimension of planning, because imagination evokes an image, sometimes even a detailed one, but the outcome never resembles the plan because the process develops...

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Michel Ben Weiss

michelleCEO, Keter Plastic (IPG)

It seems that the management world is currently seeking more diverse managers – people with a broader and deeper outlook on life, beyond the dry, cold and alienated business world.

I believe that art is complementary to management, as it facilitates this required innovative outlook.

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Jonathan Levy

jonathanFounder at Synegrity, Israel

I believe one cannot be a manger and a leader without taking real interest in people. As a CEO, you have to understand what motivates employees in order to commit them to a future you delineate and all create together.

Partnership, fairness, directness and willingness to learn – on both a personal and corporate level – tighten relations between all members of the organization for the sake of its customers.

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Oshik Feler

art01VP Operations, COO, The Israeli Democracy Institute

Perhaps paradoxically, the creativity and creation that most impress me are simplest and seemingly most trivial, the things anyone could have seen and yet just one person noticed – it takes just one look to view things differently, to see what others do not.

What is creative work made of, after all? Often its raw materials are widely available and familiar. Beauty results from the initial gaze, from the unique connection and the "other" perspective.

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Arik Regev

regevformer CEO, G4S Israel

Creativity and Management

The rooster is the only animal in nature that has the special intuition or insight enabling it to tell the difference between day and night, irrespective of its physical location and regardless of the changing weather, seasons, etc.

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