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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


Ika Abravanel

ikaIGroup EVP, Human Resources & Chief Integration Officer, Teva

Painting is a kind of meditation. It comes from a very pure, authentic and sometimes hidden and incomprehensible place.

You usually start when you have some kind of an idea. There is even a dimension of planning, because imagination evokes an image, sometimes even a detailed one, but the outcome never resembles the plan because the process develops and suddenly you have ideas, you use various techniques and sometimes even break down the original idea and turn it into something completely different that comes from a source that is hard to define – and this is what you call inspiration or whatever term you choose to use.

The level of concentration at work, which is sometimes highly physical, and the level of self-criticism are so high that sometimes they obstruct your flow and create a mental block – a kind of virtual, sometimes impassable wall – this is how you destroy a painting with a potential. Therefore, in painting sometimes it's like a traditional dance routine – once step forward, two steps back...
In management you have a lot more room for planning.

You have constraints, and a lot of teamwork, unlike are which is solitary work. In management, you require compromise and seek cooperation. In art compromise means mediocrity.

Where management and art are most alike, however, is in the need for accuracy and an absolutely "spotless" performance. To achieve that, you need years of accumulated experience and have to come to terms with a self-demand for fulfillment at a very high level – in that art and management are similar to the point of identity; in fact, some say that management is a form of art.



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