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Executive Search

icon01Recruiting suitable talent with the ideal background and attitude in an effective manner has become one of the most challenging tasks any organization faces. Because management recruitment decisions carry with them both high risk and high reward they must be made in a thorough and responsible manner.

The constant gap existing between demand for talented executives and their short supply means that wrong hiring decisions could cost the organization up to 10 times the annual salary of the hired executive (see research).

Our Retained Executive Search process minimizes such risks and maximizes the chances of success.

Our team is comprised of leading and seasoned professionals that have a unique ability to understand the clients' specific needs, assess talent and tailor the solution accordingly.

A responsible Retained Executive Search will take all the measures to minimize risk and to maximize evidence for success.

A responsible Retained Executive Search consists of six steps:

  • Defining the role and its requirements, whilst taking into account the organization's needs, the executive's needs and the overall business picture.
  • Establishing a practical and scientific competency matrix tool that looks at the required parameters of the potential executive. The matrix is designed to best reflect the results the chosen executive will have to deliver within 18 months.
  • Mapping the markets and organizations relevant to locating the ideal executive.
  • Conducting in-depth interviews with executives that result in thorough assessments that are cross-referenced with the competency matrix tool.
  • Assisting in the decision making process.
  • Designing the On Boarding process that maximizes the recruited executive's chances of success in his or her new role.

Emda's Retained Executive Search process has been proven to allow organizations to make more realistic and superior recruitment decisions.

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