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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


Leaders on Leadership

What is leadership all about?
Nurit Berman interviews top Israeli executives that she perceives as leaders and asks them all the same questions
Here you can listen to them talk about their inspirations , how they developed them and about the qualities needed for future leadership


Dr. Yossi Bachar - Chairman, Discount Bank

08From his unique point of view that combines the national world with the business world (CEO of the ministry of finance and Chairman of Discount Bank);

Yossi speaks about leadership as a humble position full of responsibility while not forgetting where you started



Dr. Arye Carmon - President, The Israeli Democracy Institute

06Dr. Arik Carmon puts Intention as the first characteristic of a leader. It's not just talking about things, it's doing. It's putting a mark on your small territory.

His leadership was nurtured at home where things for the good of the country were done.

Listening to your inner truth and not succumbing to opportunism is a sign of true leadership and this must be combined with tenacity because the road is usually not easy. In order to succeed you always need next to you people that are better than you.


Dr. Orna Berry - VP & Manager, Center of Excellence for Israel, EMC Co.

04A leader is a person you are ready to go with!

I did not think about myself as a leader. I was just very committed to a cause and to results. Orna grew up in a house where devotion to causes and justice was shown through activity in the industrial and public sector.

Leadership is identified by 3 characteristics: EQ, maturity and IQ. Women unfortunately are afraid to excel in organizations and here is an educational subject that needs to be addressed.

Chemi Peres - Managing General Partner & Co-Founder, Pitango

01Chemi speaks about the origins of his perception on leadership that stems from figures like Moses, Ben Gurion and Churchill.

Growing amongst these nation's leaders, he absorbed the mission to make a difference from a very early age.

Chemi identifies leaders by looking for strength that does not stem from a title.


Ori Yogev - Founder & Chairman, Whitewater Group

yogevOri Yogev has a combined experience from governmental positions & from the private business world. Leadership is first of all based on vision.

It's what and how you inspire people but it will not work without management skills.

You need to see the details but not to drown in them.
When I seek for young leaders I look for tenacity combined with good senses


Dalia Narkis - Managing Director of Eastern Mediterranean, Manpower

03In her discussion about leadership, Dalia speaks about the work she does with teams as a leader and the need to be participative. She points out womanly leadership as being more intuitive and less hierarchical. Dalia mentions Galia Maor as an example for a woman that succeeded to stay herself in a man's culture

The leadership of the future will need to be strong in dealing with frequent changes and a need to be transparent.


Erez Meltzer - CEO & Executive Vice Chairman of the Board, Gadot

05Erez identifies leaders through delving in to the past of a person and trying to find out a situation in his early age where he or she had to face a complicated situation.

Erez mentions a combination of his activity in a youth movement and the inspiration of his father as the origins of his leadership.

A person should have a lighthouse in a storm and to follow it to achieve his target for the best of the group he is leading.

Ilan Birnfeld – Managing Partner, Deloitte

07Leadership for Ilan is creating an impact not through authority.

His leadership skills were developed early at the youth movement, where he is now the chair man of the Scout's Movement and during his military service as an officer.
"My commanding officer was an inspiration for what leadership is all about" says Ilan

A leader for ilan is not a leader unless he has a team he wants to lead and then it all starts and ends with optimism.


Shlomo Liran - CEO, Avgol Nonwovens

02Leadership is the intention and the ability to transform people or an organization. Leadership without management skills is unachievable.

Momo puts optimism combined with a clear vision and a plan as the first two characteristic of a leader. The third is excellence and the last is humbleness.

The future leadership will be based on the same characteristics but the leader will have to be more receptive, listening to expectations and points of view. Leadership will be much more democratic and transparent.


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