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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


Arik Regev

arikIformer CEO- G4S Israel (Subsidiary company)

Creativity and Management

The rooster is the only animal in nature that has the special intuition or insight enabling it to tell the difference between day and night, irrespective of its physical location and regardless of the changing weather, seasons, etc.

A good manager also requires exceptional and greater insight. He must be unique and able to sort the wheat from the proverbial chaff, the essential and urgent, as represented in the metaphor by day and night.
Clearly, nothing distinguishes managers from other individuals. As human beings we are all equal, regardless of our religion, race or gender. Nevertheless managers do enjoy privileges such as higher pay, benefits and employment terms.

Why should this be so? Employees can certainly argue that they work at least twice as hard, sweating profusely, while the manager sits in his air-conditioned room.

So following the rooster parable, I will tell you that a manager who does not have what the Talmud calls bina yetera (greater insight) has no right to that lofty title and the privileges of power.
Some are visionary
Others are creative
Some are analytical
Others are charismatic
And so on, and so forth
But all must be able to sort the wheat from the chaff
To know day from night

Blessed art Thou, the Lord our God, King of the Universe, who gives the rooster the understanding to distinguish between day and night. (Jewish Morning Prayer)


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