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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


Sachi gerlitz2

Sachi Gerlitz

Executive Chairman, Ness Technologies

The Relationship between Creativity and Management

In my worldview competition is everything.
It shapes the landscape in which individuals, firms and organizations operate in their attempt to differentiate themselves from others and be the first to cross the finishing line.

Management is the (structured) process of harnessing organizational resources to achieve those aims and beat or survive the competition. How do you win? By being focused and systematic, by acting in a judicious and coordinated manner – that's management. But you also have to think differently, out of the box, unlike what competitors may think or do. Some would call it creativity.

To me, creativity is the way you observe the situation but see it differently, and can leverage that difference into an advantage: in the management world – into moves that will give you a competitive edge; in art, in photography – into an image of the "other self", a different perspective on the same reality everyone can see, resulting in a novel, unique experience for the viewer.


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