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Dr. Arye Karmon

Arik carmon2President, The Israeli Democracy Institute

Connecting Disparate Worlds

I am a mission driven person.
My career focuses on enhancing the vision of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI): Act through research, dialogue and public entrepreneurship, substantiate an exemplary democracy in Israel.
Together with my colleagues, and members of a "think-tank" this is also a "do-tank", we act in three key areas that make up the IDI process. IDI conducts policy research of uncompromising quality on the issues critical for Israel's survival and prosperity. IDI strives to stimulate debate and foster broad societal consensus on the most divisive issues confronting Israeli society today. And as a catalyst for change, IDI plants the seeds of new institutions and formulates research-based blueprints for reform, backed by concrete implementation strategies.

Photography, a hobby that I adopted some four decades ago, has become in the last several years a source of inspiration, a creative pursuit that relieves the intellectual and emotional tensions of my daily life. When photographing, I pay special attention to the frame my camera provides as well as the frame I find in human, cultural, or still objects in nature or society. It is my hope that the cultural landscapes I have framed and discovered resonate with a wide audience.

The exhibition graciously offered to me by The Center for Democracy studies and The Terry Sanford Institute, has challenged me to bridge the gap between my for at the Israel Democracy Institute and my work as a photographer. In putting together this exhibition, I have discovered that deeper meaning can be attained by pairing; I was guided and encouraged by the skillful eye of Alex Harris. At the Israel Democracy Institute, we also are immersed in pairing disparate ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, world views and political practices. These pairing that occur in my photography and my career have provided me new perspectives on what makes us human, and new ways to imagine our collective future.


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