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The Art of Management

How Art & Management Meet?


Oshik Feler

oshikVP Operations, COO, The Israeli Democracy Institute

Creativity, Management and Creation
Perhaps paradoxically, the creativity and creation that most impress me are simplest and seemingly most trivial, the things anyone could have seen and yet just one person noticed – it takes just one look to view things differently, to see what others do not.

What is creative work made of, after all? Often its raw materials are widely available and familiar. Beauty results from the initial gaze, from the unique connection and the "other" perspective. These looks often join together to inspire and embolden, giving birth to a fascinating vision.

In photography as in managing people, I try to observe with a penetrating gaze, to see that is hidden and not only what is on the surface, to also take into account the inner motivations and emotions of each character or person. Such a managerial view of people enables and empowers even despite human differences – differences that cross the boundaries of social and organizational conventions. If everyone were the same, it would have been boring and also ineffective – it is a manager's skill to identify uniqueness and harness it wherever possible. The ability to do so depends on that look, that perspective I referred to above.

Personally, I love photographing people more than anything else – especially faces. To capture the look and the expression, to document a split second that tells a personal story and through a still image, attempt to convey an emotion.


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