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The Art of Management

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The Seniority System

In the Start-Up Nation’s frantic job market, managers with more than five years’ seniority are becoming increasingly rare. Nurit Berman, owner and CEO of the Emda Executive Search Group, believes this trend is desirable. “Once, when you changed jobs every three or four years, you would be considered occupationally unstable”, she says. “Today, when you’re in the same position for more than ten years, you’re suspected of occupational over-stability. In the current model, you hardly find any CEOs that remain on the job, unless they’re also owners, as in my case. But even in that case, if there’s an active board and the CEO does not deliver, the board can push him aside and turn him into a chairperson. In the case of a salaried CEO, if he had exhausted his potential in that position and if he is daring and confident, he would probably start looking for the next opportunity”. And what should an owner-CEO who remains on the job do? “It’s important that you be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses”, says Berman. “It is important for you to be able to neutralize your ego, to say, ‘I’m good at this but not at that’, and rely on others who complement you within the management team”. 

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