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Hi-Tech: No Adults Allowed?

  • Calcalist
  • March 1, 2011

An attempt to see whether there is age discrimination in the Israeli hi-tech industry paints an ambivalent picture: 40+ employees describe a market dominated by youngsters, while employers and placement company managers argue that adults are the hottest trend in the Israeli hi-tech market. Nurit Berman of Emda does not believe life is easy for adult work seekers: "They have to look reality in the eye and realize that their chances of finding a new position comparable to their previous one are low".

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Head Hunting or How to Recruit Executives

  • Ynet
  • April 6, 2007

As executive compensation rises many are changing positions faster than ever before. This trend has made headhunting a must for organizations who wish to attract the best. Nurit Berman of Emda says that "headhunting used to be the sole propriety of the hi-tech market, but is now common in many other fields as well".

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Ultimately, Everybody Wants to be "Headhunted"

  • TheMarker
  • May 27, 2007

Headhunters are relentless in trying to get their man or woman. Nurit Berman of Emda explains that organizational loyalty, which was once considered a positive quality in an employee, can now be viewed as a flaw. "If you are seven years in the same organization people might start to wonder if you're not too comfortable".

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Ethics in Head Hunting

  • TheMarker
  • March 13, 2007

In a fluid job market it is inevitable that skilled professionals will be quickly snatched away, either by clients or competitors. Nurit Berman of Emda believes even in a market with almost no organization loyalty, there are still dos and don'ts in the headhunting industry. Having said that, she adds: "you cannot snatch away an employee who does not want to be snatched".

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Anxiety Survey: What Scares Senior Israeli CEOs?

  • Globes
  • January 13, 2011

A survey on anxieties, fears and stressors among 81 senior CEOs in large Israeli firms yields intriguing findings: 41% admit that the fears and stressors they cope with at work affect their performance, but only 20% fear dismissal. Many experience what Nurit Berman of Emda calls "end-of-quarter anxiety" – intensified stress before the quarterly figures are published

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An Entire Generation Goes on Vacation

  • Globes
  • September 28, 2008

The up and coming generation of executives is the Generation Z, which will soon take the place of its predecessor – Generation Y. The Zs care about the environment, minimizing bureaucracy and increasing the bonds between people and in society as a whole. Nurit Berman of Emda thinks the new execs believe anything can be done. "They feel they have the right of self fulfillment".

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A Star is Born the CEO Version

  • Globes
  • September 19, 2008

The new way to get a new executive job is to hire a highly connected professional to do the research for you. Nurit Berman of Emda explains the process: learning about the executive, understanding their qualities and abilities and mapping out the relevant decision makers. "The meetings are setup through my network of connections".

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HR Managers: Still No End in Sight to Layoff Wave

  • Calcalist
  • December 7, 2008

The dismissal wave which began among hi-tech and financial employees is not behind us yet, and the manufacturing and retail industries fear that even companies who have avoided it so far would start dismissing employees. According to Nurit Berman of Emda, "the reduction in employment numbers will be more painful yet, but you have to put mercy aside to be able to live this period out". Those who do find new employment will have to settle for lower compensation and status.

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